q aa Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana - Life Insurance cover worth Rs.2 lacs at just Rs. 436 per annum. for more details contact our nearest SINDHUDURG DCC Branch.Last date for renewal is 30/06/222 Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana - Accident Insurance cover worth ‚Rs. 2 lacs at just Rs. 20 per annum.for more details contact our nearest SINDHUDURG DCC Branch.Last date for Renewal is 30/06/2022 SINDHUDURG BANK is now link with Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas Government of India for Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG(DBTL) Scheme We request you to link your Aadhaar / UID number to your SDCC Bank Account to avail Government subsidies / payments directly to your bank account. Now Sindhudurg Bank providing ECS(Electronic Clearing System) facility. WELCOME TO SINDHUDURG DISTRICT CENTRAL CO.OP.BANK LTD.,SINDHUDURG Sindhudurg DCC, a Techno-savvy Bank is implementing successfully the Core Banking Solution (CBS).

Profit & Loss Statement

Profit & Loss Account for the period from 01/04/2021 to 31/03/2022

Sr. No Expenditure


Sr No. Income


1 Interest on deposits, borrowings etc. 1226376123.06 1 Interest and discount 2519131429.17
2 Salaries, allowances and provident fund etc. 407223926.43 2 Commission, exchange and brokerage 3286672.58
3 Directors and local Committee members' fees and allowances 1694015.00 3 Subsidies and donations 0.00
4 Rent, taxes, insurance, lighting etc. 53832074.87 4 Income from non-banking assets and profit from sale of or dealing with such assets 0.00
5 Law charges 258056.00 5 Other receipts 109143294.64
6 Postage, telegrams and telephonic charges 17850162.02      
7 Auditor's fees 2274223.50      
8 Depreciation on and repairs in property 101335260.39      
9 Stationery, printing and advertisement etc. 7422592.84      
10 Loss from sale of or dealing with  Non-banking assets 0.00      
11 Other expenditure 84688092.54      
12 Provisions 568606869.74      
13 Balance of profit 160000000.00      
  Total 2631561396.39   Total 2631561396.39